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Writing Thai

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Chapter 17
Writing Thai

How to Draw Thai Letters
Vowel Combinations
Writing and Speaking Drills

Chapter 17

Writing Thai

Chapter 17 (127 pages with audio and video) is recommended for all students, from beginners to advanced. This Chapter explains how the spelling of a syllable determines its tone. Chapter 17 has ninetneen writing drills, lots of vocabulary, and many example sentences.

Chapter 17, by itself, can be used as a basic course in the Thai language. Because of the emphasis on how written Thai determines the tone, Chapter 17 is also an excellent resource for learning tone pronunciation.

Some students of Thai are more receptive to script than to sound. For these learners of Thai, Writing Thai is the best strarting point.

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Samples From Chapter 17


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Translation Transliteration
Mosquito yoong

The initial consonant, ย yaw yák, is a low class G3 consonant. There is no tone mark and the "ng" sound is a live ending. According to the tone rules, ยุง has a middle tone (sĕeang săhman).


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Translation Transliteration
busy yôong

The tone mark, mái èk _่, causes a syllable beginning with a low class G3 consonant to have a falling tone (sĕeang toh).

Writing and Speaking Drill 4

ย yaw yák

There is a mosquito busy biting a person.
มี ยุง ยุ่ง กัด คน
Mee yoong yôong gùt khon.
Wfw: Is mosquito busy bite person.
The mosquito is busy drinking blood.
ยุง ยุ่ง ดื่ม เลือด
Yoong yôong dùem lûeat.
Wfw: Mosquito busy drink blood.
And there is a person busy killing mosquitoes
แล้ว มี คน ยุ่ง ฆ่า ยุง
Láeo mee khon yôong kâh yoong.
Wfw: And then is person busy kill mosquitoes.
He is busy lighting a mosquito coil
เขา ยุ่ง จุด ยา กัน ยุง
Kŏw yôong jòot yah gan yoong.
Wfw: He busy light drug prevent mosquito.
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