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Chapter 13

Substitution Drills

Chapter 13




This Chapter of Thai Language Course will save you lots of money. If you are able to negotiate prices in Thai, prices fall dramatically. Thai people really admire a good negotiator, especially a foreignor who can bargain in Thai.

Chapters 13 consist of substitution drills; sentences that build on each other by changing some words and adding more. These drills are written in a conversational style, designed to broaden your speaking abilities and increase your speed. Chapter 13 adds "money vocabulary" and includes eighty practice drills.

* Buying and Selling *

* Bargaining for Low Prices *

* Spending Money * Making Money *

How much is the price?
ราคา เท่าไร ครับ
Rah-kah tôw-rai kráp?
Literal: Price how much?

* The speaker on the audio is a native of Bangkok.

* rah-kah (ราคา) means cost or price.

Can you lower the price?
ลด ราคา หน่อย ได้ ไหม ครับ
Lót rah-kah nàwy dâi măi kráp?
Literal: Reduce price little can no?

* The particle "nàwy" (หน่อย) makes the request sound modest.

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