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About the Author

Aaron Handel is a native of California and currently lives in northern Thailand. He has studied the Thai language for more than thirty years and speaks Thai fluently. He has a BA in Economics from California State University and Masters Degree in Labor Economics and Human Resource Management from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

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Copyright  USA, Thailand 2020 by Aaron Handel. 
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Published by Tiger Press
ISBN 978-0-615-67606-7


This software provides the tools for learning to speak Thai. It is designed to help you to improve pronunciation and tones. The book begins at a basic level and gradually progresses to an advanced level. The transliteration (writing Thai using English letters) is designed to be readable. A tone mark is placed above the first vowel of each syllable.

Throughout the text, a literal, word-for-word translation has been provided. Word-for-word translation is a powerful learning tool, particularly for the Thai language. The translation shows the exact word order of Thai sentences. This helps you to develop an intuitive sense of how the language is constructed. Because Thai words of more than one syllable often consist of other words put together to form a single word, knowing the meaning of each word builds vocabulary and improves comprehension.

Although Thai is normally written without spaces between the words, in this book, Thai words have been separated with a space between them. This makes it easier to learn to read and write Thai.

The best way to learn to speak Thai is to replicate the pronunciation of native Thai speakers. The speaker on the CD in Chapters 1 through 11 is a native of Bangkok. She is a university graduate with a BA in Education.

In Chapters 12 through 15, there are two speakers. One of the speakers is a native of Bangkok. The other speaker is a native of Pattaya. Chapter 12 provides an introduction to Thai grammar. You may wish to study this chapter before some of the others. Chapter 16 provides a basic introduction to Thai Yai language, known as Dtai among the Shan. The speaker on the CD is a Buddhist monk and a native of northern Burma.

Chapter 17, Writing Thai is quite helpful for understanding how the spelling of a word determines its tone. Sentence examples explain how the tone rules are applied. Chapter 18, High Technology, includes an extensive vocabulary list followed by sentence examples. This chapter introduces more advanced grammar. Audio and Video are fast paced.

Read, Listen, and Repeat. Focus on tone, vowel length, and the rhythm of the language. The tone drills in Chapter 1 will give you a good start.


Chapter 1 Tones and Transliteration
Tone Drills
Vowel Length Differences
Understanding kwahm kôw-jai
Quiz Questions for Chapter 1
Quiz Answers for Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Numbers
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 2
Quiz Answers for Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Colors
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 3
Quiz Answers for Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Time
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 4
Quiz Answers for Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Shopping
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 5
Quiz Answers for Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Greetings and Questions
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 6
Quiz Answers for Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Food
Eating Utensils
Favorite Thai Foods
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 7
Quiz Answers for Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Accommodation
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 8
Quiz Answers for Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Travel and Driving
Flash Cards
Favorite Travel Destinations
Flash Cards for Travel Destinations
Sentence Practice
Quiz Questions for Chapter 9
Quiz Answers for Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Idioms and Common Expressions
20. For a moment
40. In any case
60. It won’t be long now.
80. Not up to standard
100. Strong prohibition
120. To be possible
140. To kill two birds with one stone
160. To start the work
Chapter 11 Conversation "Pizza Hat"
Chapter 12 Thai Grammar Menu
Chapter 13 Money
Chapter 14 Health
Chapter 15 Romantic Relationships
Chapter 16 Thai Yài Language
Chapter 17 Writing Thai
Writing Menu Vocabulary and Drills
Vowel Symbols with audio
Chapter 18 High Technology
Sentence Practice
High Tech Glossary
The Thai Alphabet
Weights and Measures
Tone Rules
Quick Guide to Vowel Pronunciation
List of Menus
Vowels with Audio
Flash Cards
Sentence Practice
Thai Language Course
6th Edition
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Published by
ISBN 978-0-615-67606-7
Copyright © 2020 USA,Thailand
by Aaron Handel
Thai Language Course Download Now! Learn Thai Love Phrases TigerPressThai