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How to Say 'Love at First Sight' in Thai

We had love at first sight.
เรา มี รัก แรก พบ
Row mee rák râek póp.
Literal: We have love first meet.
* Râek (แรก) means first or initially.
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The Thai Rising Tone

In the samples below, five Thai words have a rising tone.

What are those five words?

Try to remember them because they have a rising tone.

Samples From Thai Language Course Download

I suspect that he is very handsome.
ฉัน สงสัย ว่า เขา หล่อ มาก
Chăn sŏng-săi wâh kŏw làw mâhk.
In Thai: I suspect that he handsome very much.
* Sŏng-săi (สงสัย) means "to suspect."
I’m sure that he is tall and thin.
ฉัน แน่ ใจ ว่า เขา ก็ สูง และ ผอม
Chăn nâe-jai wâh kŏw gâw sŏong láe păwm.
In Thai: I certain heart that he well, tall and thin.
* The connecting word, "Gâw" links the suspected handsomeness in the first sentence with the "tall and thin" elaboration in this sentence.
No. He’s fatter than an elephant.
เปล่า เขา ก็ อ้วนกว่า ช้าง
Pblòw. Kŏw gâw ôoan gwàh cháhng.
In Thai: No. He, well then, fat more than elephant
* Here, gâw functions like the words "on the contrary..." or "in fact..."
Can you repeat the five Thai words that have a rising tone?
1. Hint:
A word that starts with a "Ch" sound. It means "I".
2. A word that starts with an "s" sound
3. Starts with an "k" sound
4. No more hints!
5. ?

If you don't know, click here for the answer.

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